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Online form instructions-std X 5/27/2016
All students of std X have to purchase the online book for college admission from the school office.Those who have not taken the book kindly do so before the results are declared.Time:9 - 11a.m.
Take printout of the online form after filling 2nd part of the option form.This will open only after the results are declared.Principal's sign to be taken on the form the day after results are declared.Please bring a zerox copy & original for the sign.
When filling the option form write colleges in descending order i.e best colleges on top.Fill at least 20-25 codes of colleges in Group 1.Fill the rough sheet in the online book pg 50,51 and use it when filling the online form.

Minority quota admission std X 5/23/2016
All those eligible for minority quota(Christians,Muslims,Jains,Gujaratis, South Indians ,etc) please visit the respective colleges and get the prospectus & details of the admission process.Keep attested documents ready for the same.

Std X-Filling online form 5/20/2016
X A & B-Monday, 23rd May from 8.30 to 11.30a.m
X C-Tuesday, 24th May from 8.30 to 11.30a.m
Please bring your online book with ID & password,original caste certificate or sports or cultural certificate and one zerox copy of the certificate.
Get the certificate verified in the school office and then fill the form in the computer lab.

Online admission for students of std X 5/16/2016
Students of std X please collect the online books from Sir Vikas in the school office on 17 & 18 May 2016 from 8.30 -11.00a.m.Cost of the book is Rs 150/-

Instructions for std X students 5/16/2016
1.Please keep the ID and password no. carefully.
2.Start filling option form 1 at home. Go to fyjc.org.in/Mumbai.
On the home page click on 'Click here to login'(in red)Select applicant and type your login ID & password.Then click on login.
3.Follow instructions given.School index no. is 3105028.
4.All those belonging to reserved categories(ST,SC,NT,etc,those having sports & cultural quota certificates) have to fill the form in school only. Bring your original certificates for verification.
4.Those belonging to reserved categories and those unable to fill the form online can do so in the computer lab on Monday & Tuesday 23 & 24 May 2016.Write all the details in the instruction booklet form before filling the form in the lab.

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