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Online admission-std X 5/28/2015
Online admission books will be given for Rs 150 tomorrow Friday,29th May 2015 at 8a.m.At 9a.m instructions will be given to fill the online form for students in the school hall.Parents can also come.Carry a pen.

Board of Honour 2015-16 4/30/2015
Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Honour.
Headgirl:Jeanette D'Souza
Ruby House:
Captain-Rissa Chettiar
Vice Captain-Richa Singh
Emerald House:
Captain-Nikitha Naredla
Vice Captain-Nicolan Mendes
Sapphire House:
Captain-Maria Ujjainwala
Vice Captain-Vaishnavi Natekar
Topaz House:
Captain-Ishita Shetty
Vice Captain-Leanne D'Souza

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